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WCOPA SUCCESS: Alessandro Danello Featured

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Alessandro Danello

Team Colombia

Alessandro Danello - 2015 Junior Medalist from Colombia, Alessandro Danello, records with Ariana Grande’s Band.

By Sam Campbell,Talent Recruitment Manager at Worldstars USA™

He is a boy with a saxophone from Bogotá, Colombia. Last year, he competed at the 19th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) and impressed the judges and audiences with his talent. That boy is 11-year-old Alessandro Danello, and he caught the attention of one judge in particular — Grammy-winning producer Jeff Weber. 

WCOPA Colombia Medalist Alessandro Danello

Since the competition, Danello has traveled back to Hollywood to record a demo with Weber, who has worked on almost 200 albums during his 40-year career. Danello recorded at United Recording Studios (formerly Ocean Way Studios).

“They have told me that a lot of famous people have recorded here,” Danello said. “Now they can say Alessandro Danello has recorded here.”

Danello and Weber decided to utilize the young musician’s saxophone skills and record instrumental versions of contemporary pop songs. According to Weber, the album will also contain an original song written for Danello.

But the opportunities do not stop there. Danello had the privilege of recording with some very special musicians — pop star Ariana Grande’s band.

“We decided to invite the entire Ariana Grande band,” Weber said. “We also added a background vocalist from Spain, as well as a percussionist from Cuba.”

Ariana Grande’s musical director, Troy Laureta, was also asked to be part of the recording. He plays the keyboard on the upcoming album. Laureta competed at WCOPA in 1998 and has since gone on to work with many popular singers, including Justin Bieber and Iggy Azalea.

Danello plans on attending university one day, and he said this experience will help him when he applies to different schools. He will be able to show them his professional work and all he has accomplished at such a young age.

WCOPA Colombia Medalist Alessandro Danello

“Working with Troy and Jeff is awesome,” Danello said. “I never imagined to (work) with such a great arranger and producer.”

WCOPA has given Danello the opportunity to work with some very talented artists in the music industry. He has shared the studio with some of Hollywood’s top performers, and, as Weber put it, “The Ariana Grande band is now Alessandro Danello’s band.”

Danello and Laureta will appear as the special entertainment this year at WCOPA’s final show Friday, July 15, 2016. The performance will take place at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, California.

WCOPA Medalist Alessandro Danello


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    For more information on how to become part of this great experience go to:


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