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Dance Audition Tips

Amy Morgan is a professional dancer and choreographer signed with MSA Agency in Los Angeles.

She trained at Broadway Dance Center and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in New York City in ballet, modern, jazz and hip hop and graduated with a BA from Fordham University before moving to Los Angeles.

1. Show up ON TIME! Make sure you have the correct address of the audition location and figure out the parking situation beforehand.  

2. Bring a neat looking headshot and resume. Have some already printed and ready to go at your house or in your car.  

3. Have a few different wardrobe options in case you misread or did not understand what the audition notice said about what to wear. Always have an ALL BLACK option just in case. Bring knee pads and, ladies, bring heels!  

4. Water and snacks to keep you going in case the audition runs longer than expected and you don’t have time to get food.  

5. Follow instructions and pay attention to learning not only the audition combo but what the choreographer is saying about how the audition is going to be run i.e. how many people per group; when you walk onto the floor to audition; which numbers start upstage and which numbers start downstage; how many counts of 8 to freestyle after the combo.  

6. Do not talk or disrupt while the choreographer is teaching the combo, even if you might be confused. Hold the questions or convo with your friends for an appropriate time.  

7. Walk into the audition space ready to go with great energy, a smile and be CONFIDENT, even if you may feel a bit nervous. Confidence is everything in this industry and no one wants to hire or work with someone who is not confident.  

8. Be prepared for the audition by knowing what style of dance you are going to be doing beforehand and maybe some classes in that particular dance style the week or so before the audition so that you are extra prepared. Following the choreographer on social media to see if they post any extra details about the audition is also a good idea.  

9. If the environment calls for it it’s ok to be social with dancers you know and introduce yourself to new people as long as you aren’t being distracting and know the combo for when it is your turn to dance. This industry is also all about CONNECTIONS and who you know. Out of sight, out of mind is the reality here, so the more you connect with others the more people will remember you for future jobs and dance opportunities. The person holding the audition is not the only one handing out the job or who you should be impressing. Be nice to everyone.  

10. Mistakes happen. If you mess up during the combo or have a wardrobe malfunction do not freak out and run off the dance floor or become embarrassed. Just keep going. It happens to the best of us. And if you get cut try not to get discouraged, what’s meant for you is what’s meant for you. Be proud of yourself for showing up and know that other opportunities will arise. The universe works in a specific way for a reason. It always works for you, not against you. Keep your head held high and onto the next! 



Amy Morgan has performed with Jessica Sutta, Cher Lloyd, Pia Toscano and Beyonce. Other dance credits include Skechers Industrial with JaQuel Knight, Yahoo’s original series “Sin City Saints” and has performed with Beyonce for the Billboard Awards as well as the MTV Video Music Awards directed by Chris Grant and Dana Foglia. She has presented works for shows such as “Jete” and “Club Posers” in Hollywood and has choreographed music videos for up-and-coming artists Omar Kadir, Aiman Beretta and Ross. Amy teaches at the famed Millennium Dance. She is also the official dance judge at the annual World Championships of Performing Arts Competition. Amy has taught workshops in Johanessburg and Capetown, South Africa and Shanghai, China,  teaching heels, jazzfunk, hip hop and contemporary.

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