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Our first experience with WCOPA was a few years ago when we went there as an accompaniment with our talented daughter.

We were pleasantly surprised with the superb organization of WCOPA, the very friendly environment from all WCOPA staff, contestant, hotel staff and finally with great facility, where WCOPA was conducted. 

We have been licensed as National Director since 2011.  In 2012, we were bestowed by members of WCOPA leadership with the "Team Spirit Award". This award is presented to only one country each year for an exemplary demonstration of character, fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors. We truly appreciate this award. With this award, we gained further momentum in our work and even more dedication. 

Together with my wife we have founded Endowment Fund  "The Right Way of Life", which aims to support leisure activities for children, youth and adults, for prevention of pathological phenomenon. We believe, that WCOPA is also playing positive role in our "mission statement"

 We are focusing on WCOPA and Endowment Fund during our free time, we  both have our jobs, but we are  always trying to prepare our team members for WCOPA as best as we can, so that they have the greatest chance to succeed, as evidence we can proudly say, that so far ( since 2011), we have had our contestants in final WCOPA show, which is broadcasted to the whole world, live.


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Seventeen-year-old with a unique voice earns World-class awards and recording of 3 original songs in Los Angeles

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