International Worldstars Association

My time during WCOPA as a competitor gave me a spark into my full potential.

Mentally, I thought that I may have missed my opportunity for the entertainment industry but WCOPA was already on the calendar, so I had to keep moving forward. 

Once the week was underway it was almost overwhelming at the level of support I gained from every one. The friendships I made that year, I still have today and we all still support each other’s growth in our respective genres.

Being able to learn and grow from other models, actors and competitors worldwide - made me realize my journey had just begun. Anything is truly possible once you fully set your heart and mind to it. The biggest key is that you have to wholeheartedly believe in yourself and fully commit to your goals.  

Natalie Camile Miller1

Sometimes castings, go-sees or other discovery events come and pass without the desired outcome that we personally wanted. For myself it has been a three-year journey of “no” and my “yes” moments are finally coming in major ways! 

In the moments of being told no, I had to remind myself that those moments were not my blessings and that mine was going to be bigger than I could imagine. 

Natalie Camile Miller5

Over the past three years I have met people that have helped me in more ways than I can say ‘thank you’ - my Team is everything to me! I would not have the support system that I have now if my “No” moments were “yes”. 

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and my team is spread out over the United States. We work on everything from styling, walking, talking, stage presence, my fitness levels, how to do my makeup and my hair; these curls have a mind of their own! I love my team and would not have it any other way!  

A year after being a WCOPA competitor, I was asked to come back as an Emcee.

Natalie Camile Miller2

To be able to encourage, help and see other contestants tap into their full potential was a different kind of inspiration for my own career.

Never forget the moments that have shaped you along the way, we can learn so much from everything and everyone. I remind myself that each moment is only a piece of my puzzle. Sometimes the puzzle pieces are amazing and sometimes they are super confusing! Regardless, I keep building my puzzle knowing that every piece has its purpose! 

Natalie Camile Miller6

All of our puzzles are a bit different, but we are all here to do amazing things in life.  

With love and Blessings,