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IWA is a Performing Arts Association:

  • A place to connect, share, and collaborate.
  • Learn in a bully-free environment.
  • Performers help build content by sharing experiences then industry professionals continue the growth as they share their insights.

Who may join IWA:

  • Any performer who has auditioned through a Country’s WCOPA National Selection Committee or through the WCOPA International Selection Committee qualifies to become a member of IWA.
  • Audition may have been conducted online or live.

Not qualified to join IWA:

  • Audition for WCOPA go to Auditions will be sent to the country’s selection committee in which you reside or have citizenship.  IWA membership is required for every participant who is selected and represents their country in the World Championships of Performing Arts.  Passing a selection committee audition, live audition or online audition is not required to join IWA but you must have auditioned in the WCOPA system to join IWA.

With your Lifetime Membership:

  • Unlimited access to videos, articles, blogs, competition and event information.
  • The opportunity to share your performances and gather real-time feedback.
  • Access to collaboration lounges and the ability to submit your success stories to inspire others.
Duration: Lifetime
Price: $15.00

Registered Users will have access to our Video Showcase.  We invite you to view, vote, and comment on the best videos in our Showcase.  The video with the highest votes will be featured on our homepage!!

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Your Membership Payment is due at the event.

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