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Recently, I was asked what does it take for an actor to get started in today’s Hollywood, or working as an actor in general?

Finding Your Acting Class - An Actor's Guide

Training is essential for an actor. There are so many choices and different techniques to choose from.  I get asked often about what classes to take, and what are the best choices for their time and money.

Dancer Wellness: 5 Must-Haves for Your Dance Bag

So there’s the “hair and make-up” emergency must-have kit. There’s the “rebuild your pointe shoes anywhere” must-have kit. There’s even the “tape and scrape that costume back together” kit. It’s up to you how much you really want to lug every where you go, but my recommendations here are for emergency use.

Overcoming Dance Anxiety

Even people with two left feet want to get up and shake their money maker every once in a while, but finding a comfortable space to do it in may be an issue.

The Actor's Evaluation Checklist

The Business of Acting – you are a business, and you need a business plan.

Modeling Tips #1

Women and girls should avoid wearing too much makeup when going on an interview to see clients or an agent. They want to be able to see your skin and the shape of your face. Wearing too much makeup will alter your natural appearance.

Do you have talent?

In September, I started a new beginner’s acting class, which I hold three times a year - September, January, and April. I love this class, filled with all kinds of interesting people, from all walks of life.

Do you have talent?

Do you question whether you’re doing enough for your career?

Are you a professional actor or a hobbyist?

So many people call themselves actors. It’s easy, just say you are.

Dancer Wellness: Stay in Love with Dance
I am writing this article for several different audiences out there: for those dancers who are burned out, lackluster, and “over it;” for people who danced “before” and haven’t put those shoes on for “a long time;” for those dance dreamers who wished they “could’ve” but “couldn’t.”