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Last month I talked about how it’s that time of the year; a time where many of us make resolutions, do self-evaluations and initiate change. 

The Business of Acting – that you are a business, and that you need a business plan.

You’re in good shape, studying, primed, and in great form.  You’ve been training, got great headshots, have a resume and ready to get work.  Are you easy to find?

I sat in on an audition session this past week. Over ten hours of auditions, twenty roles to cast, six short plays, two directors, and dozens of actors.

This is part two of managing your contact list. Last month  I talked about creating your guest list. I’ll repeat briefly what I said for those who missed it.

As actors, performers, musicians, comedians, or artists of any sort, you all have one thing in common. 

The Artist Dilemma – Perfections vs Excellence

Artists can easily get caught up in what I call perfection vs excellence. Their nature is to seek perfection.

From time to time I get to sit in on casting sessions. Sometimes I know the casting director, the director, the writer, or producer, and I get invited to sit in, usually to give an opinion.

Artists have an A and B Job

Are you one of those actors who hate your day job and wish you could not have to do it?

This week I had a few conversations with actors regarding keeping themselves inspired, and keeping their passion going.