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What do you do when you aren’t satisfied, with your direction, when you aren’t truly achieving your Dreams?  Do you know “why” you are simply stuck? Do you feel like you’ve made wrong choices? Have I not truly achieved my goals? Why haven’t I hit my jackpot?

We are all truly individual, your creativity is unique to YOU and just who you are. 

When you feel connected to your creativity, when your hopes and dreams and certainly your struggles reflect in your talent, have you become a true artist?  Does your talent make you feel whole? Are you contributing 100%, does your creativity actually “flow”?  Are your efforts smooth, or is every move towards your goal a huge mountain?  Are you allowing “others” to steal your creative self? 

Are you surrounded by people who nurture you, or do they steal bits and pieces of your soul?  WHO is standing in your way?  You? or Them?  

If you allow “others” to steal your creative self, it can cause depression, you feel completely blocked, even stuck and often simply anxious. 

I have recently read that…."

It’s absolutely essential to look at the reality of your life and circumstances. You need to have a clear perspective on where you are in your career in relation to what you want to accomplish. However, looking at reality is a complex process - reality is subjective, deceptive, and multidimensional. You look at reality through the lenses of your own conflicts, fears, doubts, hopes, and dreams. Yes, reality is in the eye of the beholder. 

It is said that being grounded in your own reality means so many things, you need to work with it, not against it, don’t allow doubt to creep into your thoughts or actions to accomplish your talent goals.  Your passion is your true goal , it overcomes your subconscious conflicts, your doubts and fears, all your dreams and hopes.  You must constantly challenge yourself and above all be honest and true to yourself.

 Always “show up” “speak up”, and “ask for help”.  Find those who will truly help you and move you forward. Always look for that light at the end of the tunnel.  YOU will always shine brightly to those around you.  Allow them to seek you out and help you along your road to success IF they don’t, with NO hesitation, move on towards those in that “positive light”. 

I will always harp on positive things, especially of good networking, these contacts will move you on to your most creative Life and Self.  These connections will last you a Lifetime and should grow with you, make these connections and always keep in touch and cultivate them, it will make you emotionally rich and powerful to accomplish all your goals.