International Worldstars Association

After many auditions, I would like to share a couple of things to avoid, which I hope will help you in your quest.

Please note, the Casting Directors and their staff work closely on a regular basis. And they interact on the days activities.  They observe you and your conduct before, during and after your audition. 

Hopefully, we all conduct ourselves professionally, but those who don’t really do standout.  Now when this happens, it is important that the Casting Director is made aware of any problematic behaviors. As you can imagine since it’s the group's job to select actors who are not only a good fit for the role applying for but can also work in a correct manner with other cast and crew, for what may be an extended time on the set. 

I would like to offer some unfortunate but all too common things that actors auditioning say to casting assistants, which will immediately ruin their chances of being called back!

“Gee, can you move me up in the audition? I have so many important things I need to do today”….

If indeed you have another audition, and it’s across town, and you don’t want to miss it due to a long wait, please remember, undoubtedly, each of the other auditioning actors there have equally pressing matters. Asking for “special consideration” simply implies your needs are more important than theirs. (an indication to casting, just how you might act on set if indeed you did get the job)

NEVER threaten the staff, just because they are following their protocol, it will backfire against you.  Assess the situation, if you are unhappy and it could be relevant enough to relate to your Agent, but never threaten or try and intimidate staff because they are simply doing their job.  There are many reasons for delays and everyone wants to know what the delay is, it could be technical, the Director is working with the actors, etc, so when this happens, everyone is in the same situation and above all, PATIENCE is called for.  Rather than complain, you can always leave and potentially come back later, if possible.

Again, please always be respectful of casting staff, it’s their job to help you sign in, and make sure everyone has opportunity to audition in an orderly fashion.  Also, please don’t flirt or socialize, just not appropriate .
More thoughts to come to help you Be Your Best!