International Worldstars Association

I recently came across a very candid article about advice to actors and those doing auditions and how important it is to “hit your moment” during that audition and on the stage! 

When you arrive, BE PREPARED! Research your audition, what it is for, what you want to accomplish, and most importantly what the role you are there for must capture. If you are able, look at videos of the actual audition, meaning, if for a commercial, review past commercials, if for musical audition, try and see what past competitions have been most successful (often able to find on YouTube), this offers you an opportunity to get a leg up on the competition and demonstrates your desire to be successful at your skill for their benefit. 

If you are an actor, research the type of attire to audition in.  If more musical, research that your brand fits in with the expectations of the Director.  Put yourself in their shoes, how do YOU appear to them, if you were indeed them! 

All this being said, once you are there, and auditioning, put all that out of your mind and BE YOUR BEST!  Show that confidence, that passion, that chemistry you offer for the audition.  Be flexible, relaxed, offer the feeling that you will make the Directors/producers job much easier.  That you listen, you can react instantly and they will know YOU are the best choice!   

Good Luck!  BE YOUR BEST!