International Worldstars Association

But it’s also here that makes you so vulnerable to others over and over again.

Your talent is a unique process. The stages you go through in creating your art are deeply personal. That said, you certainly need an audience to bring your creative self to Life! It goes from deeply personal to your desire to impact others. You want your audience to feel a “connection, to feel your unique self, that they feel “changed” by what you have created, this is your “power”.

It is said that the true value of your power emerges when it truly inspires the observer to have a genuine, heartfelt, emotional connection to you. You must inspire this relationship with your audience, be it actor, model, performer of any talent in our World Championships. With this connection, it makes you, as the performer, so meaningful and fulfilling.

Part of the work as a performer is to put your most precious aspects of yourself out there to your audience, with you hoping to idealized, loved and truly admired. You will feel true Bliss, the world really is yours. BUT please realize this amazing energy of yours can also come and go. You must learn to build your talent on a firm foundation, as you would in any relationship.

If you don’t feel you are eliciting a favorable, supportive response, you must still stay connected to your core self, reach out to those you feel are not connecting and do your best to re-inspire that connection. All too often you may not understand what has happened. If you cannot access your talent energy, you will lose control and can be swept into a spiral of emotion, which you can’t pull yourself out, BUT you WILL survive. You can teach yourself to manage your reactions to a negative reaction to your talent, you can continue to perfect your talent and successfully build your career.

Suggestions are: meditation, mindfulness, and keeping a journal. Doing these things truly can help you tolerate difficult emotions, and develop self-awareness and true insight. If you follow these suggestions, it will help you dig deeper into your talent and be even more creative.

Go ahead, allow others to have their own reactions to your creative process, but remain true to your core. Just recognize there are differences, but you can still remain true to yourself.

You can permit yourself to be lost in your talent and to create it, but also please remember to step back and allow your audience to become emotionally interactive to your talent. You can allow yourself to grow and continue to evolve your talent, thus exciting your audience.

Learn to embrace the power of your talent, study our successful winners, they have a powerful and unique gift, which you with your amazing talent can create with a certain vulnerability to connecting express your own individual talent.

This is the most exciting time of your life, coming to Hollywood, exploring the depth of your unique talent, to share it with others on all levels. Remember to always to remain grounded to your core. Meditate, be ever mindful and always journal.

You will BE YOUR BEST!