International Worldstars Association

We know that not everyone who lives IN Hollywood is FROM Hollywood.

The Industry is peppered with folks from all over the world.  Their common cause is to fulfil that Hollywood Dream.  For those making a move to Hollywood, we know it’s not taken lightly it’s a huge decision.  You are aware there are tons of mixed feelings, from complete excitement to total terror. 

Once you arrive in this amazing city your feelings become even more mixed from Highs to Lows.  You are asking yourself, “what now”? 

This unique and intimidating city that once seemed so far away and certainly out of reach, has finally become a reality!  This massive city with millions of people and they are so like you….people who feel lost, overwhelmed and and certainly unsure of just where to start.

You’ll find no shortage of people who will ever be willing to tell you every aspect of the entertainment Industry literally from top to bottom! You’ll find their input from very helpful to well, not really so much. 

You are asking how to deal with this overwhelming arrival in Hollywood, let’s investigate some ways to actually get you in the right direction. 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask yourself some tough questions….this Hollywood place is all about relationships/networking.  Sadly not every encounter will be good, but they will teach you a lesson!  
  • Ask yourself, just how badly do you want to be an actor/performer?
  • Were you cast in roles where your previously lived/worked?
  • Are you really emotionally open? By that I mean, are you really able to capture attention, literally with just your presence?  Are you truly comfortable/flexible in your own skin?
  • One really important question - can you really take criticism, not only about yourself, but your talent, and your body?  (Sadly this can often come behind your back, as well as directly in a hurtful way)
  • Harsh realities indeed, are YOU ready? 
  • Start as soon as possible-building your Network. I can’t say enough about how important this is, and it will truly last your whole life.  Networking can begin from the cab/Uber from the airport on your arrival.   Hopefully, the friend you are using the couch from will be able to offer you more networking opportunities.  Seems everyone one from car drivers to waiters, to bartenders are all involved in the Entertainment Industry in some form or another.  ADVICE:  start immediately!  
  • One piece of advice, never assume just one person is actually good for one connection, it is “said” use the 20 + 20 rule, meaning for every 20 people you meet, ask them if they know someone who it would be good for you to talk to.
  • As referenced above, even with 20 and multiplying not every connection will be a positive one, BUT each one will teach you something!
  • It may sound redundant, but Learn the Business This is so important, you can never know everything, be like a sponge! Take classes, (acting, dancing, music, etc) you must constantly hone your skills.  Again, this is also networking, but also learning how to survive in Hollywood.  Classes can teach you how to audition, new jobs coming up, how to really market yourself, make you a better/more rounded person.
  • Also read, everything you can get your hands on, there are so many Industry related publications, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Deadline, etc.  Extend into Blogs, and relevant newsletters.
  • Important to have your own materials, headshot, resume, and ha, a real  working car (SO important in LA) 
  • This may sound silly, BUT learn how to memorize FAST.  This was one of my biggest problems, it gives you such a huge advantage!  Trust me!
  • Lastly, prepare for the Long Haul   You arrive, start networking on your fabulous career, but DON’T RUSH. Give yourself time, have patience, set reasonable and realistic goals, Goals you can reach without panic. It’s a fact if you try out for certain roles/auditions you simply are not ready for, you not only leave a negative reaction on those you are auditioning for, but it will pull you down as well.  Most important, is to take time to “step back” and look at what you have accomplished, pat yourself on your back, be happy, positive and take pride in your continued improvement.  
  • I have found this journey never really ends, no matter your age, you learn, you adapt, love the journey, take pride in your successes.  And know that it is worth it!