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I recently read an article about ending and then starting your day.

I realize there are times when to do so in a calm relaxed, unstressed manner is not easy. But I took some pointers and added a few more.

It’s so important to treat your bed time as so valuable….and what you actually do before bed determines just how well you do sleep and that you will awake energized.

Morning routines have always been important to me, but waking up tired and lifeless takes away from the wonder of your new day. Therefore the thought is your great new day truly does start the night before!

It’s been suggested that it might be a good idea to experiment with a few things and let me know how they work for you:

Clear your Mind
It’s said, “empty your cup”. We tend to be overwhelmed with thoughts, ideas and certainly concerns, and I know, with stories that keep repeating themselves over and over.

Allow your mind to “clear” of this baggage, if you don’t, as you already know, just keeps popping up all night and totally disrupts your calm and relaxed sleeping.

Things that are suggested to try:
Write down your thoughts before turning in (remember that diary we wrote about earlier?)
If you have a significant other, parent, friend, talk about your day
ha, and I tend to watch a mind-numbing show
I happen to like TV shows that are design oriented, it’s totally out of my realm of what I do and there is a simplicity that does allow me to completely escape my trials and tribulations of the day. It works as a “disconnect”, i.e. clearing your mind! TRY IT!

Just chill out
Find YOUR way of relaxing, sit on the couch, read a fun magazine, I like to lie flat on the floor and feel my spine stretch out, but just find your own special way to relax.

Literally relax your mind, this is so calming, deep breathing, my Apple watch has a great app for that.

How about a nice warm shower
I actually love a HOT shower, but definitely NOT good for your skin! Let the water run over you as an ocean with beautiful sea critters, amazing blue water swimming in your imagination. This is SO meditative so totally relaxing.

This one can often be hard
But try and stop eating BY 8pm. I try even earlier, if I’m hungry, nuts or simple snack should suffice those pangs. Your tummy also need to relax before turning in for the night. They say it helps your body to maintain this tiny fasting period by not eating until after 7a.m.

Reconnect with a human before bed
For me, that “human” has 4 legs and loves to snuggle. Discuss your day with that human 2 or 4 legged, Often solutions are found by such interaction.

Rest your concerns/worries
Your aim needs to get out of worry mode and into your resting mode. Real worries keep us awake and trying to “fix” them, pack these worries into a box and tell them to “rest” until the morning. Often you will open that box and find it empty, they have simply resolved themselves. Basically, they say, accept your worries, just let them “rest” until morning.

OK, this can be hard, BUT avoid all social media right before bed!Yes, I know it’s Sooooo tempting, BUT it does NOT help you sleep! It truly is the enemy of a good/calm nights rest. As they say, it triggers thoughts and plants a huge volume of information in our brain at a rapid pace, Truly this is NOT good for that calm sleep! And trust me, social media is NOT going anywhere, it will be there in the morning!

And ONE more last but important thing
Please be appreciative of ONE thing. We all need to realize that EVERY day is a beautiful gift. Appreciate that gift, reflect on our good fortune and be truly at peace with it.

Remembering these “gifts” of the day will indeed prepare you to wake up tomorrow feeling so positive and energized. 

By the way, these are in no particular order! Therefore, accomplishments are important. Be proud/content of what you have achieved in your day. It, they say, makes your struggles worth enduring, and calms you before bed. Should put a smile on your face as well.