International Worldstars Association

What does Cirque look for when searching for talent?

We look for elite talent, international level in each their fields. But also, athletes, performers who have the ability and willingness to go out of their comfort zone. Lastly, we look for team players and good humans.

What is your audition process?

Because of the number of casting calls per year, we work differently than any other company. We have a database filled with talent, and we present the talent from the bank to our artistic directors at the time of casting calls. There are several ways one can be added to our bank of “potential” artists:

  1. Online, through our website, by sending a complete file and creating a profile that will be evaluated
  2. In an open or invited audition, the schedule can be found on the website

How many projects over the world you have?

We currently have 26 full-size productions around the world, and also create and produce special events on a regular basis.

What's the normal duration of your shows?

Most shows can run for many years, but the contracts we offer are generally on an annual base.

Do you try and use local auditioned talent?

For our resident show ( non-touring), we mostly look for local talent for on-call needs ( local artists who can come in “per the need” when full-time artists are out. The main part of the performers are casted for their level of performance, not necessarily their location ( unless we have a major rush and immigration would cause a delay). But even then, they still need to meet the technical and artistic requirements for a role.

On tour, the cast is generally the same for the year of the contract.

Interested individuals can also always check our website: