International Worldstars Association

Right now we fear this virus, we fear for our friends and family and ourselves.

Do we sit back and say “oh wo is me?” OR do we become proactive? We vow to keep ourselves healthy, we take precautions, what the doctors tell us, don’t touch our faces, wash our hands frequently, we don’t interact with those that may be ill, but also take caution about our most vulnerable family and friends.

Do we continue to travel? Go to our workplace, restaurants, musical shows, church? We must not only keep ourselves healthy but make ourselves educated about the current spread of the virus. Now, with almost everything closed including churches now streaming, theatres-closed tight, many small businesses closed, airlines shutting down service, there must be things we can do and not sit inside with our fear!

This is only a temporary condition, we will rebound, we will recover, this must be kept uppermost in our minds, there IS daylight, please don’t lose sight of this daylight.

Don’t give up on keeping up your talent, keep practising, watch videos on YouTube, let us know how you are doing. Do you already have a fear of auditioning? Practice, we can help you. Keep positive, don’t allow fear to control your life in any area.

Do you feel like you need self-improvement? Fear your looks work against you? Take this time now to practice new “looks”, go online to YouTube and try different fun things, from makeup to hair color. Take this “fear time” and do your own self-improvement. Work Forward, NOT backward.

Talk to us, we are here for you! Ask any question, no matter how silly.

Don’t listen to all the crazies out there, go for educated and factual information, NOT rumor mongering. We look forward to hearing from you. Life does NOT stop!
Fear is it’s own virus, BUT you have control, push it down, stay positive in all things, and almost above all, keep your sense of humour! Practice that beautiful smile that I know you have, THAT is the most infectious of all, A smile is the most beautiful thing of all.

We look forward to hearing from you. Life does NOT stop!