International Worldstars Association

Everyone knows a class act when they see one, but actually very few can say what it means to behave like one.

That being said, even the classiest that we know, do they really achieve perfection?  

Let’s examine 

1. Classynever loses their cool, they control their impulses, this is not always easy.  YOU, you allow it to pass, don’t last out when you feel confronted especially in emotionally charged situations.  You allow it to “pass”, “breathe” YOU will be the winner!  You can calmly asses the situation, and go over a response that will indeed serve as a model behavior for others to follow. 

2.  Integrity, integrity is how you act within confines of your morals and principals.  One question, do you act with Integrity when it is “convenient” or actually as part of your everyday life?  Do you say to yourself, “well, maybe just this once”, I won’t behave with true Integrity?  You need to live above “envy” and personal gain.  Can you do this? 

3.  Sportsmanship, not just for athletes, are you a gracious winner or loser? Do you throw temper tantrums, or try and belittle your competitors?  Do you just continuously make “excuses?” OR are you able to truly recognize someone performed better than you? Are you able to congratulate them and learn from your performance for the future?  

4.  Calm and Clarity, are you able to put yourself above the squabbles? Are you a “peacemaker”?  Respect and admiration can be the fruits of your ability to be a peacemaker, making a mutually acceptable outcome. 

5.  YOU do Classy things.  Do you take time to write a thank you to someone who helped you along your journey?  Have you told them how much their unselfish input has meant to you and your success?  Do you take “time” to add that personal touch to your interactions?  THAT’S CLASS. 

6.  Welcome, do you go out of your way to make others feel important, to feel comfortable?  Are you really gracious, do you show genuine interest in others competing?   

7.  People watching, do you only do Class Act things when people are watching?  Do you flaunt your good deeds?  Now, don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with looking for that sort of recognition, but do you ONLY do it when you want others to notice, or because it is simply the right thing to do?   

YOU can be a true CLASS ACT.  Practice it every day!  Go for the GOLD!