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Have these times made you search for a new purpose, have you decided to adjust/change your talent?

I don’t have to say, starting over, from zero is never easy.  Please be kind to yourself.  If you are just beginning, don’t let doubt creep in.  Be grateful to your supporters; when so many also can become nay sayers.  Sadly, doubt appears when one is uncertain, and you allow your head to tell you lies, which you start to believe.

Believe that this self doubt is NOT based on any evidence, you haven’t played your whole game get, and all that this doubt does is divert you from your goal, and what you know in your heart is your purpose. 

Keep going, don’t allow doubt any room in your head, fill your head with hope and positive direction.  Don’t allow doubt to even come close to touching your hopes and dreams.  Simply said, DEFEAT DOUBT! 

You look at other successful people in your talent, they are Big Shots, they walk on to stages and tell us how to live your life, they seem unstoppable and completely confident, but believe me, they are not! 

These successful icons are always fighting their doubts, but do not allow these feelings to rule their life or direction.  They will tell you however, you just keep going, no matter how much it hurts, how impossible it seems.  

Athletes are especially focused this way, not allowing doubts, no matter what. 

Be aware, and know you are not alone, the look of confidence by successful talented people can be misleading, even if they have had this “look” their entire life, they are very good at making it look real all the time!  You can too!

Confidence is awesome…. 

Just know that you are NOT weak for doubting, though it is normal.  Most important thing is YOU can control it, and your strength brings you resilience to keep going and get out there and fight the good fight! 

Some positive and tangible evidence is creating EVIDENCE.  You have income, you have auditions, appointments, etc.  Tangible positive things! 

Doubt always wants you to give up, BUT keep on going, take ACTION. You will achieve your goal and by virtue of that, will also bring you confidence and certainty.  NEVER succumb to “oh woe is me”!   

Never forget how far you have come!  Look at your JOURNEY, looking back at the awesome progress you have made.  I’m sure you have already come a long way despite setbacks, overcoming doubts, fears, but all these have come together to help you in so many ways.   

Always remember to be KIND to yourself.  Even doubting yourself, you will remain focused and positive.  It’s not easy, but you continue to try, and you have all good intentions.  Don’t sabotage your success, even the smallest of steps, always go forward. 

Don’t try and second guess the FUTURE. Be careful what you “predict”  be positive, be focused.  They say “worry” wants to tell you the future, NOT!  It can’t, only YOU can shape your future and that is by believing in yourself, and your talent. 

No matter what, continue to LEARN AND GROW. Even the worst of situations will also teach you so many important lessons.  I promise you will grow from it all. …good and bad.  Worry and doubts can be a secret signal for the next challenge in your starting over, to become bigger and better. Turn negatives into actionable steps.   Look back and be proud of how far you have come!