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In these times, it’s not hard to “focus”, but unfortunately it hasn’t proved to be for any length of time. Boredom, frustration, even depression keep getting in the way!

We’ve found “getting started” requires more focus that it used to. But, it is the Key to Success, and we must commit to keep going.

Frankly, anyone can declare themselves a writer, singer, entertainer, and many actually do have real talent. But it’s the dedicated few that truly stick to it for months, years, even decades that do actually succeed. Hey, plenty of people have great ideas, goals, but more than half of these entertainers cease to exist or strive beyond five years, is that you?

Do you lack inspiration? Do you wonder how you keep going even though you haven’t figured out “what’s next”?

So, What is Next? How about focusing on TODAY!

Don’t focus on tomorrow, a year from now, in these pandemic times, tackle TODAY. I realize it’s a scary thing, but today is all we really get. I sincerely hope the world won’t blow up tomorrow but don’t focus on that, it puts you in the wrong state of mind. Go one step of improving your talent and your contacts one step at a time. Don’t waste your time on things you cannot control, concentrate on your talent and being your very best every day. Don’t dwell on the past or fret on the future, focus TODAY.

Are you able to to focus on areas you can control?

First of all, remember YOU are the master of your future, YOU are in the drivers seat. It’s said, if you focus on things which you have control over, you won’t have to depend upon “others” for your success . YOU will definitely be in control. Basically, I like to say, be a good person and do the very Best you can and success will be yours to capture.

One suggestion, have a notebook, write down your goals and work on them one day at a time. Be flexible plans do change but don’t be afraid to make bold decisions about improving your talent. Simply put, “make adjustments where necessary”. You will know when it’s right.

Always remember, Be Your Best!