International Worldstars Association

If anything, 2020 has taught us that in order to succeed in life, we must learn to adapt to changes.

As performers, our lives were all about the stage, the audience, countless hours in training and the thrill of a live performance. Regrettably, for almost half of this year we have been confined to our homes whilst social distancing has kept us away from our theatres and live audiences. As with everything in life, when our backs are against the wall, we learn to survive. The new reality that emerged was online performances, training, workshops, education and even competitions like WCOPA 2020 being held online for the first time! Unfortunately, physical contact was replaced with computer screens!

As what we consider to be a return to “normal life” has no timeline, we used our CHASH brand to reach out to people both in our own country and internationally. We created a platform offering online technical training, choreography, workshops and currently we are preparing for our first live show of the year through our Summer Intensive Program. This program is an online correspondence course designed to enable dancers to work at home at their own pace. Dancers are receiving training in various gernes, such as, Broadway, Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary as well as technical classes such as flexibility, conditioning and technique. For more information check out our Instagram page (@chaceandashley).

We are aiming to train dancers to be strong and healthy and thus extend the longevity of their careers.

We were thrilled to hear that even during the COVID Pandemic, WCOPA was still able to host an online competition giving performers from all over the world the platform to do what they love and share their talents with the world. WCOPA has always been a world class platform for aspiring artists and performers and this year has been no different. As former competitors and title holders, WCOPA has opened up so many doors for us. We were enthralled to see that during these trying times WCOPA was still able to showcase talent from all over the world. What an amazing feat!

Despite these trying times, never lose your passion and remain motivated.

Even on the darkest of nights, stars still shine… stay inspired because this too shall pass and you will have your chance to shine. Hold on to your dreams as the world stage will be waiting to embrace the next Grand Champion of the world!

Hoping to see you all at WCOPA 2021 at Disneyland, California.

Stay safe Chace and Ashley 

Chase and Ashley are an inspiration to all who meet them around the world. They are great ambassadors for World Championships of Performing Arts. They are not allowing the world wide Virus to curb their desire to improve their art. They are so talented and accessible, I hope you find inspiration from their article.