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I read that interestingly enough Leonardo Da Vinci said “while you are alone, you are entirely you own master.”

With Covid, so many are working remotely which can be so difficult, many of us spend time battling our own procrastination, we have all sorts of distractions, and wow, those energy dips (where’s the coffee?). How does this sort out? Guilt, yes chiding ourselves for giving into way too many distractions and being too unproductive!

We talk of “focus”, hard to work on your Talent when most of us are working in close quarters with family, partners, ha, even pets. HOW indeed do you keep your focus on improving your Talent?

May I suggest:

Start early!

From “productivity” point of view, wake up before 6a.m. Not so many of those inevitable interruptions noted above, and certainly a more “peaceful” environment. I love “to do” lists, you must have a litany of things to improve your Talent, make that list! Just “starting” on that list is a great incentive to finish and your key to progress. Also interesting, I’ve found waking up early actually makes you happier! You really “see” yourself improving! Helping you “Be your Best!”

I would like to add, stop the “contemplating”, actually START! Work at your Talent, get moving, and improving! Take advantage of what they call “mental clarity” in those early drama free hours, focus….

One interesting thing I read, the CEO of American Express, certainly a successful man, makes a list the night before of the top say 3 things to accomplish, this gives you something tangible to work with early in the morning.

OK/OK, not everyone is a “morning person”. So, determine when you are actually the most productive. And when in the day you are most focused. Of course energy is most important, which is why mornings do seem to be preferred.

Most important though is you want your energy work for you, not forcing it to fit anyone else’s clock. Your Talent needs you mind/body/spirit, give it your Best!

Structure of your day is so important, keep a Diary with lists, which we mentioned earlier. In it you keep your projects, tasks to improve your Talent and breaks, don’t forget breaks, if you lose focus without giving yourself breaks, you will burn out. And don’t forget to be dressed for your Talent, be sure you are comfortable and that your clothing doesn’t interfere with your practice. Don’t be slopping, respect yourself and your Talent.

One thing which is important as much as possible, keep “where” you are working on your Talent separate from other projects you may be working on, otherwise we all “cheat”, and sometimes that couch looks very tempting. This is part of your “focus”. Some call it “brain-training”, you go to that spot and you are triggered to practice. One other thing I read, is keep “noise” out when possible, other than what you use to improve you sessions. Focus without distractions, so important.

In closing, don’t forget your friends you need socialization, and these days, that is even more important, even socially distanced! Call your friends/collegues, check on their progress, even Zoom is fun and becoming more popular. Reinforce each other, this is so important.

Be your Best.