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Who wants free transportation in Long Beach?

Gwen Wilson , January 29 2018
Re:Who wants free transportation in Long Beach?
Gwen Wilson

When visiting Long Beach for WCOPA make sure you take advantage of the free transportation. You can hop on and off the RED BUS. You will find signs a long the route where the buses stop and pick up passengers. These buses go to the Queen Mary, water front, Performing Arts Center, Hyatt and the Aquarium. Theses buses make loops. If you are not sure if the bus is going in the direction you want to go the drivers are happy to help you decide is this is the best bus pick up for you. The bus does take a 15 minute break at the Queen Mary so do not be alarmed when it stops and the driver gets off. The closes stop to the Westin Hotel is across the street at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center.

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