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 You've Got A Deal! The Biggest Lies in the Music Business 

Sequel to "You've Got A Deal! The Biggest Lies in the Music Business" by award-winning author Jeff Weber is a must-have for those in the business...and those wannabees. Get the truth about the business and how to succeed from a 35-year veteran. Be the hunter, not the hunted! If you are a musician, professional or otherwise, beware! You may find yourself in these stories, in these anecdotes and in these jokes. “We’ll Get Back To You! Even Bigger Lies Of The Music Business” allows a peek into the often mangled world of a musician through a wry smile or that knowing look that says it all.
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Audition Tips: How to Audition for Film and Television

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Millennium Dance Complex

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The biggest pop stars in the world flooded take dance classes, scout talent and rehearse for upcoming tours and videos at Millennium such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and In Sync, Usher, Janet Jackson, Prince, Christina Aguilera, P.Diddy, Alicia Keyes, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez.

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You’ve Got A Deal!

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You’ve Got A Deal! The Biggest Lies of the Music Business is a lighthearted stomp through all the lies that award-winning producer Jeffrey Weber has been telling artists for over thirty years and 180 CDs.

Also included are the lies artists and record companies have been telling him for ages, along with all the lies he’s heard on the road.

A wealth of musician and industry anecdotes, stories, jokes, illustrations and a whole lot more round out the book. Survive, flourish, and laugh in the unpredictable world of making music. 

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NoHo Tours
Los Angeles' NoHo Arts District has become an international training center for performing artists." The district is packed with underground theatres, dance studios, music recording studios and hundreds of workshops for dancers, singers, actors and filmmakers learning their craft.


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Overcome Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety

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Keylight Company

Overcome Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety
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Reel People

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By Howard Gluss Ph.D

This Book explores the psychology of different personality types in the development of a character

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