Angélica Rosa, spinto soprano and theater director, is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, Pablo Casals Conservatory and the world-renowned Juilliard School of Music, located in New York City, where she Studies with Elenor Steber, William Woodruff and Rita Patané. 

Ms. Rosa has built an artistic career over thirty years, dedicating herself to emerging artists in several countries (the US, Spain, Central America, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bolivia and Mexico). 

She founded The Angélica Rosa Institute in New York, back in 1985, and throughout the years her work has reached Arizona, Miami, Santo Domingo, Central America, Bolivia and Spain. Since 2000, she works for the World Championship of Performing Arts (Hollywood, Los Angeles, California) in her capacity as regional director for Central America & Puerto Rico. 

What sets her apart is how she’s been able to blend her piano, opera and theater credentials with music and performing arts pedagogy. Finding the perfect meeting ground between an opera career, teaching

and theater direction is the single reason why she’s become one of the most gifted teachers in the world of Spanish-speaking music. 

As a result, John Rockwell, while writing for The New York Times, deemed her to be “a complete soprano (…) whose bright voice shows strong support” and “a meticulous singer, exceptionally expressive (…) conscientious technique.”


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