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Treasured bronze, silver and gold medals are awarded to world champions in dancing, singing, acting, modeling, instrumentals, and variety arts in the junior age categories (15 and under) and seniors (ages 16 and over), solos and groups.  In addition, a total of $400,000 in scholarships: $30,000 from the Millennium Dance Complex, $150,000 from the New York Film Academy, and $200,000 from the New York Conservatory for Film and Television were received in 2016!”

Industry personnel (i.e. managers, agents, casting directors, music industry representatives) from Hollywood, Nashville, and New York are invited to judge, conduct seminars and “go-sees.” This elite world-class competition hosts a priceless educational boot camp, a colorful Opening Ceremonies Parade of Nations, festive parties and fun activities, a sensational Awards Ceremony, and a live global webcast of the breathtaking final gala in which the “best of the best” compete for the coveted Grand Champion of the World titles! 

Thousands of applicants from over 50 countries and the USA auditioned for a spot to compete at this ultimate global meet staged at the beautiful Westin Bonaventure Hotel.  Every contestant who attends the World Championships of Performing Arts will have been screened, qualified and selected under guidelines executed by licensed National Directors and Scouts from invited countries.  This esteemed meet is an exclusive outlet for aspiring international performers and models to acquire invaluable experience, education, recognition, and networking opportunities. 

The event’s competition structure reproduces as closely as possible the processes for auditioning and casting for film, television and Broadway.  Special emphasis is placed on “entertainment value and marketability.”  This in no way takes away from the technical aspect of the performances, however judges are looking for that special charisma (the “it” factor) that most top entertainers have. One’s talent must be spectacularly presented in a very short time period just as is done for auditions thus performance times of one minute (60 seconds) are strictly enforced.  

This revered contest is strictly for dedicated talent who want to train and learn, compare their talent to others around the world, and most importantly to network with entertainment industry icons.  As a neutral event, this world competition does not solicit nor get directly involved in representation of any type and does not guarantee employment as that is up to the agents, managers and others in attendance from the industry.  Numerous contestants receive offers and sign with agents, managers… and move to Hollywood, Nashville or New York to embark on a career.   And many return to their respective countries prepared for a brilliant profession, no matter the field. 


To provide an expanded role in offering accurate industry material and education,  the International Worldstars Association (IWA) was formed and is the only organization in the world devoted to the betterment of aspiring performing artists, especially those planning to compete at WCOPA.  Training videos, informative seminars, success stories, live and taped interviews, and prized information are available exclusively for members. 

Contestants competing at the World Championships of Performing Arts have that very precious opportunity of performing before and networking with entertainment industry professionals. Some will be signed and move to Hollywood, Nashville, or New York.  Others will return home to pursue whatever goals they settle on.  But what is so critically important is that everyone who has the honor to experience this decisive world talent championships has improved and gained inestimable experience… truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 

With shows like “American Idol” and others vying for face time on TV, it’s no wonder that there’s such a proliferation of talent looking for a home!  The talent shows score some of the biggest audience ratings and their renewed popularity has made the World Championships more relevant than ever.   After all is said and done, talent competitions are nothing new. Everyone from Frank Sinatra to Patsy Cline to Britney Spears has been discovered on talent contests.  Talent contest judges initially rejected some well-known stars, like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Drew Carey.  

The genre’s been around on radio and later on TV for nearly 70 years, but the World Championships of Performing Arts is by far the biggest in scale and scope, and seeks to turn the international corridor between a country’s artists and dreamers – and Hollywood’s “land of dreams” – into a two-way street as a launch pad for opportunity, recognition and reward. 

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