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What is the mission of the world championships?

The mission is to create the ultimate, international Olympic-style competition for performing artists with an emphasis on accurate, professional "Hollywood" entertainment industry education and experiences.

The World Championships of Performing Arts was launched after the 1984 Olympic Games were staged in Los Angeles. While watching the various exciting events, Mr. Griff O'Neil was struck with a profound discrepancy: there was a competitive outlet for talented youth - a way to show the world their well-practiced skills - it just was restricted to athletes. Singers, dancers, actors, models and musicians, thought O'Neil, certainly deserved an Olympics of their own. Thus the World Championships of Performing Arts was inaugurated.

WCOPA has been often referred to as the "Olympics" of performing arts. Why?

Since the inspiration of WCOPA was the Olympics, it has been designed in a way to have much in common. The event begins with a colorful Opening Ceremonies where each country's team of talent shows pride in representing their respective countries. Coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze WCOPA medals represent the symbol of excellence. Contestants compete as individuals and groups but represent their country as a TEAM. Judging the competitions are experts in the field of entertainment and the ability to network internationally make for a rare, extraordinary global experience.

WCOPA has been described as an "Educational experience". What opportunities are offered for education during WCOPA? In addition to providing over $500,000.00 USD in scholarships for continuing entertainment industry education, a privileged Worldstars Boot Camp held prior to the start of competition is divided into four tracks (Dance, Acting, Music and Modeling). These tracks are taught by the top instructors and performers in Hollywood. During the twelve hours of training, one will learn invaluable tips about the business and what it takes to make it in the industry. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows networking with the who's who of Hollywood and performing with the best of the best!

How are WCOPA contestants selected and invited?

Like the Olympics, the finest aspiring talent and modeling competitors from countries are qualified and invited. Every contestant attending the World Championships of Performing Arts system is screened, qualified and selected under specific guidelines established by WCOPA, and executed by Scouts and licensed National Directors from the invited countries. Contestant-at-large procedures are available where there is no director.

What does it cost to attend WCOPA?

Each country's National Director has a License Agreement with the World Championships of Performing Arts to select and send a team annually to WCOPA. The National Director determines costs, based on the expenses associated with sending the team such as travel, hotel, etc. Many teams secure sponsors to help with the cost. Some Governments assist with the costs of sending teams. Others raise the finances through personal fund raising. The costs vary from Country to Country. Questions regarding the costs and what is included in the packages should be directed to your National Director representing the country you reside or have citizenship.

As a parent, why should I support my child's participation in WCOPA?
Why should I participate in the world championships ?

It is hard to put a value on an investment in our children or oneself. The number one comment made about WCOPA is "It changed my (child's) life". This statement means different things to different people. To some it means, I or my child confirmed this business is where I see my (our) future. To others it means the experience allowed me to gain priceless knowledge to pursue my career goals. Yet others, WCOPA confirmed that I have what it takes to be successful in the Entertainment Industry. In many instances, this event opens doors for continuing education through scholarships. It can lead to job opportunities in key markets such as Hollywood, New York, Nashville, Milan or in their respective countries. With most, it builds self-esteem. Raising your personal confidence will help give you the assurance to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. In a time when so many negative outlets are vying for the attention of your children, how do you put a value on building the self-esteem of your children to purse positive goals ?

Should I bring my family to WCOPA?

You will hear the motto repeated over and over, "It is not just an event. It is a vacation!" WCOPA is proud that this is a family event. Everything you do in life is more fun when shared with family and friends. Ask your National Director about family all-event passes. Many times throughout the year incentives are offered for family, friends and team supporters. WCOPA activities include family and friends but are also scheduled in a manner to give you free time to visit the Greater Los Angeles Area.

I have heard WCOPA is a scam. How do I know it is legitimate?

WCOPA is registered with the Better Business Bureau and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. We do our best to make sure everyone has a great experience. After over two decades of business, occasionally we have to disqualify a contestant or remove a scout for not following the procedures established by the International Selection Committee. In this age of social media, it is easy to make claims and hide behind the anonymity of the internet and not having to substantiate your claims. In a positive light, Social Media allows you to take a look inside WCOPA. Search YouTube (WCOPA) or other social media to view our participants postings. If you have any questions concerning the business of WCOPA, please contact us here. We will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

How many countries will be represented?

Delegations of outstanding competitors from approximately forty (60) countries will be represented at both the Junior World Championships and the World Championships in "Hollywood".

What are the guidelines for an official contestant?

An official contestant must be a citizen and/or resident (or nationality) in good standing of the country represented, may be an amateur or professional, must have been qualified and invited according to WCOPA guidelines, and must comply with the rules and regulations established by the WCOPA. An "Official Contestant's Handbook" is provided to each contestant describing details of and codes for the global competition.

What are the categories of competition?

There are six (6) categories of competition for junior competition: (ages 5 to 15): dancing, singing, modeling, acting, instrumentals and variety arts: JUNIOR: (1) 5 to 7 (2) 8 to 10 (3) 11 to 12 (4) 13 to 15

The six (6) categories for senior competition: (ages 16 and over) are: dancing, singing, modeling, acting, instrumentals and variety arts: SENIOR: (1) 16 to 17 (2) 18 to 24 (3) 25 to 29 (4) 30 Plus

What are the competition events?

Events have styles within each category. Actors, Dancers, Instrumentalist, Models, Singers and Variety Arts may choose from a long list of events:
Acting: Classical, Comical, Contemporary, Dramatic and Open.
Dancing: Acro/Gymnastic, Ballet, Ballroom, Clogging, Contemporary, Ethnic/Folklore, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Open, Production Line, Tap, Song and Dance
Modeling: Casual, Formal, Photo, Spokesmodel, Swimwear (Commercial, Plus and Petite are in addition to Runway)
Vocal: Broadway, Country, Contemporary, Gospel, Latin, Open, Opera, Original Works, Pop, R&B/Soul/Jazz, Rap, Rock, Variety and World. All vocal styles are also offered in Vocal Self-Accompaniment.
Instrumental: Classical, contemporary, Jazz, Open, and Original Works
Variety Acts: 3 and under props, 4 and over props, act with assistance and act without assistance.

How is age calculated?

The age of the contestant on July 1 of each competition year determines the age category of competition. For duets, trios, quartets, choirs, groups and production numbers, it is calculated by age averaging. Every member's age as of the first day of July is added together then divided by the number of members in the group. If the average age of a group ends in 0.5 or higher, then it is rounded up to the next higher age.

What is the judging criteria?

Special emphasis is placed on "entertainment value and marketability" during judging. This in no way takes away from the technical aspect of the performances; however, judges are looking for that special charisma (the "it" factor) that most top entertainers have. Performance times of one minute (60 seconds) are strictly enforced. Contestants with the highest scores by panels of judges in respective events are the winners. Persons from the entertainment industry (i.e. agents, managers, casting directors, record label representatives) are invited to judge, conduct seminars and cast during the week-long event.

Does WCOPA guarantee a participant will get signed with an agent or manager, get a job or become a supermodel or star?

No, the function of WCOPA is to provide a valuable opportunity for aspiring models and talent to compete and showcase their talent in front of acclaimed industry talent and modeling professionals in a reasonably safe environment. Who gets a call back and is signed for representation is totally up to the agents, managers and casting directors. WCOPA does not guarantee anyone's success; it provides an amazing global opportunity to be successful!

What is the prize?

Like the Olympics, the IMPORTANT PRIZE is also the "GOLD", symbolizing excellence! However, the invaluable experiences, training and networking opportunities are the real "prizes" which every contestant receives! As well as winners being presented with a "Gold Medal" in every event category, style and age group at both the Junior and Senior World Championships, there are specific Overall Champions (individuals and groups) in:

JUNIOR: (1) 5 – 10 years (2) 11 – 15 years

SENIOR: (1) 16 – 24 years (2) 25 years and over

$500,000.00 USD in scholarships is awarded. The "Showcase finals" award Grand Champions in the various categories of competition with the ultimate prized titles being "Junior" and "Senior" Grand Champion Performer of the World!

In addition to the title, the 2020 Prize Packages for both Jr. and Sr. Grand Champions include:





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(Presented by Worldstars ™)


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