New Boot Camp Class: Giving Your Vocal Performance Life

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Join WCOPA to study under television reality show coach, Romeo Johnson.

New Boot Camp Class:
Giving Your Vocal Performance Life
Romeo Johnson
(Vocalist / Vocal Coach / Adjunct Professor at USC Thornton School of Music)

So, you’re a Singer, right? What does that mean to you and more importantly, what does that mean to your listening audience? After you’ve taken the time to learn the lyrics, learn the melody and try your best to match the phrasing, you feel that you’re ready for your performance. You’ve picked out your stage attire, gotten your haircut or your favorite hair stylist to doll you up, your makeup is flawless and it’s time to step on stage. Your family and closest friends have all told you that you are the most awesome thing since sliced bread and you believe it. Your name is announced and you go do your thing. You remembered all the lyrics, your voice didn’t crack one time and you feel that you nailed it… but the audience response is underwhelming.

You probably sang the lyrics and melody but you did not Give Your Performance Life. In order to connect to the emotions of your listener, all senses must be triggered. Your Performance comes to life when the lyrics, melody, emotion, nuances and music are all aligned.

Allow Vocal Coach Romeo Johnson to show you exactly how these things are effectively executed

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