World Championships of Performing Arts Virtual 2020

The World Championships of Performing Arts is the only international talent and modeling competition of its kind annually held in or around “Hollywood,” entertainment capital of the world!Similar to the Olympics, only invited and qualified competitors (called WORLDSTARS) represent their countries and compete each year in a fierce competition for “the gold”!

Because of the global pandemic 2020 WCOPA is being launched as a virtual competition.





Watch the final show LIVE!







Schedule of Virtual Events

World Championships of Performing Arts

Virtual 2020



When times are not posted below you can assume postings will be in place by U.S. 12 Noon Pacific Time.



Thursday, July 23                                                                                                                       Directors’ Video

Welcome Directors –video and schedule

Directors send team photos by Sunday July 26th to


Friday, July 24                                                                                                          Beginning of Virtual Week

Welcome - Video Gwen

Daily show Posting

1st Pop up costume contest. Post to Facebook:

Contestant Costume Contest: In order to qualify to enter the contest you must follow wcopaoffical on Instagram, then in the comments of THIS post, post a picture of you in a costume that represents the culture of your country. There will be TWO winners. The first winner goes to whoever has the most LIKES on their picture in the comments who will win a 50 dollar Amazon gift card. The second winner will be determined by the judges who will win a $100 dollar gift card. The picture must be posted by Sunday, July 26, 2020, Noon PT. The winners will be announced by 5 PM PT on July 28, 2020.

Remember you MUST

  1. Follow us on Instagram first (wcopaofficial)
  2. Put your picture in the comments of THIS post. You must put this picture on this post in order to qualify.
  3. Get all your family and friends to LIKE your picture on THIS post.


Saturday, July 25                                                                                                                    Live Events Posted

Daily show posting

WORLDSTARS Mini Boot Camp - *Disclaimer no recording of Boot Camps* See Boot Camp Document for Link.

Contest Boot Camp Instagram

Boot Camp Contest:

First follow us on Instagram (wcopaofficial). Then take a picture OR short video of yourself watching the Boot Camp videos and post it to Instagram with the tag #bootcampwcopa. Get creative and capture the excitement!

A winner will be selected on Monday, July 27, 2020 PT. The winner will win a $50 dollar WCOPA gift card.

There are THREE steps you must follow

  1. Follow us on Instagram (wcopaofficial)
  2. Take a selfie or short video learning from our amazing speakers
  3. Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #bootcampwcopa  

*This contest is only running on Instagram.


Sunday, July 26                                                             Staff and Directors Drop In and Costume Parade of Nations

Daily Show

Get Videos from Staff on TikTok friend @wcopa

Individual Contestant Instagram Posting

Parade of Nations- Posting of costumes being posted.                                         


Monday, July 27                                                                                                                                    Judges’ Drop-Ins

Daily Show

Competition Judging and Judges Drop In                                                                

Boot Camp Contest Winner            


Tuesday, July 28                                                                                                                          Costume Contest Winner

Daily Show

Announcement of Costume Contests at 5:00 PM Pacific time.

More Judges Drop-ins


Wednesday, July 29                                                                                                       Semi Final Posting (Noon PDT)

Daily Show

TiKTok-WCOPA beat                                                                                 

Semi-finalist posting at Noon PT                                 


Thursday, July 30                                                                                                                    Throwback Thursday

Daily Show

Interview with Arrington Foster, BET Star (WCOPA Alum)

Live showing previous years on YouTube.

On all social media platforms ask your former contestants to post photos from previous years. Directors post best memories and photos. #WCOPATHROWBACK


Friday, July 31                                                                                                                        Finale Video Competition

Daily Show

Interview with Stefan Benz, Hollywood’s Rising Star (WCOPA Alum)

WCOPA Finale (TIME TBD): Link on front page of

You must watch to see if you are a finalist, category winner or Grand Champion


Saturday, August 1                                                                                                                Posting of Awards:


Gold, Silver, and Bronze Certificates

Over All Winners

Junior and Senior Grand Champion




Social Media Platforms



Instagram: wcopaofficial

Youtube: OfficialWCOPA  





Do not forget to support those who are working hard during a pandemic to provide you a platform to compete and learn from industry professionals.

We want to give back to those who are giving of their time during this difficult time, so please give if you can so we may bless others out of work.

IWA is the organization in charge of this gift program and will be making distributions.


Donations to International Worldstars Association





World Stars Boot Camp Virtual 2020 

(Presented by Worldstars ™)

This global event features an ingenious “Worldstars Boot Camp. Filled with the most comprehensive entertainment educational training, seminars, and workshops given by renowned experts in the fields of modeling, acting, performing, singing, music and dancing exclusively provided to models and talent from around the world participating at WCOPA.


amy morgan

Amy Morgan 

"Commercial Jazz Funk" - Dancing to the hottest pop track of the summer, "Rain on Me' by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, this workshop will focus on learning a fun, performance-based combo that includes elements of jazz and hip hop.

Amy Morgan, an east coast native, is a professional choreographer and educator based in Los Angeles, CA. She has performed with Beyoncé at the 2010 Billboard awards as well as the 2014 MTV video awards and has traveled the world to places such as Shanghai and South Africa to teach and share her passion for dance. You can catch her regular heels class at the famed Millennium Dance Complex where you will be inspired and motivated by her uplifting teaching and fun, performance-based combos.  



Darienne Arnold

"Agency Virtual Tour" - Explore the world of modeling through Darienne’s virtual tour into famed LA Models agency. Learn what to expect when you enter for and interview. Tips from model etiquette, cleaning up your social media, as well as the new normal after Covid-19. A once in a lifetime peek into the layout of the different divisions LA Models has to offer and how they are ran.  Darienne Arnold has over 35 years’ experience in the fashion industry. Not only worked as a top international model but also, actress, agent, and scout. Darienne facts:

  1. Age 20 left her hometown with $200, knowing no one or the language, landed in Tokyo where she lived 10 years. She successfully modeled and successfully ran other businesses including a magazine.
  2. At age 47 went back to school to start yet another of her many careers. Has a skin care business in Beverly Hills for the last 12 years with over 1,500 personal clients. "You can do whatever you want to do, the only person stopping you is you!!!" 



Roger Del Pozo

"The Art of the Audition" - A fully comprehensive audition Workshop which will focus on a variety of key concepts that performers can use to make the most of the Audition Process. Mr. Del Pozo will draw on his two decades in the business to discuss techniques that can help the performer audition successfully and book more roles.

Roger Del Pozo is the Director of Outreach at the New York Film Academy. Mr. Del Pozo has taught guest lectures on 5 continents and has the pleasure of working with students from all over the world, representing New York Film Academy's Visual and Performing Arts Programs. In addition to his work at NYFA, he was a Casting Director in New York for 12 years. In that time, he cast over a thousand television commercials, and many other projects, for some of the top Casting Companies and Advertising Agencies in New York City.  



Romeo Johnson 

"Vocal Basics - The Foundation of it All" - Romeo Johnson will address and explain in a very practical way, the three most crucial elements of singing. After attending this workshop, you will understand how singing works, how to maintain and preserve your voice, how to get the best quality tone, how to control your voice and how to expand your range. 

Romeo Johnson is a World Renowned, International Celebrity Vocal Coach who has toured, recorded and coached great Artists such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Avril Lavigne, Queen Latifah, Neyo and Priyanka Chopra to name a few. Romeo is the original Vocal Coach for "THE VOICE" USA, Vocal Coach and Vocal Director for P Diddy's "StarMaker" and "Making His Band" Romeo is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California. 



Jeffrey Weber 

"Do’s and Dues: Tips and Tricks to Elevate & Sustain Your Music Career" - Join Grammy award winning producer, Jeffrey Weber, as he reveals industry secrets and provides you with pro tips that will allow your career to thrive and survive. If you are wondering what to do in this upside down world, Jeff shows you, step by step, how to take advantage of every income source, the importance of developing a relationship with your listeners and better yet, how to sell your music in an industry filled with uncertainty.

Jeffrey Weber has been a widely-recognized music industry professional for forty years. He has produced over 200 CDs with releases on just about every major label as well as a host of independent labels. Along the way, his projects have yielded two Grammys, seven Grammy nominations, at least seventeen top ten albums, two number one albums and an assortment of other honors.   



Brandon Scott 

"On Being a Professional Variety Artist" - Brandon Scott will share insights on what it takes to be a professional Variety Artist. Focus on your craft and play the game like a pro...mind set, tools and tips. Brandon Scott is a dramatic actor and bilingual voice over artist, improvisation artist, comedian, magician, writer, musician, creative producer and filmmaker. He has starred in T.V. series, commercials, Las Vegas shows, and works as a professional magician at the Academy of Magical Arts - The Magic Castle and all over the world. He has received certificates of appreciation from 3 of Los Angeles mayors, won Best Picture for his film and received 4 Noho Fringe awards for his theatre productions. 



KJ Cash 

"Lights, Camera, Perform!" - This course will help anyone interested in entering into the world of entertainment. You will learn useful tools that will help you learn the business and become a successful participant in it. Performers who are just starting out should learn about the basics and beyond - what to look for in securing agents and managers, why you should take classes, are you prepared for your audition? Do you have quality headshots and reels? What does a good headshot look like? The use of social media to help your career. Knowing your type and staying current in entertainment. All of these questions will be answered in this course. 

C&C Management was founded in 2005 by KJ Cash and his college friend. KJ currently manages talent in TV and film. Many of his clients have been able to land spots on notable television shows and feature films such as Criminals Minds, CSI, The Young and the Restless, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. C&C Management goal is to be an International management company that helps mold and guide their talent to reach their entertainment dreams.