Executive Board

Griff O’Neil – Chief Executive Officer

Charged with maximizing the value of the business. Executive Director of WCOPA (WSI).

Gwen Wilson- President

Charged with managing the business operations, licensing, and working closely with the Vice Presidents to maintain all day-to-day operations and expanding operations. Charged with working closely with the National Directors to maintain good business practices. President of WCOPA in charge of Show and Event production. 

Chuck Lorimer- Chief Financial Officer

Charged with managing the company’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risk, record keeping and all financial reporting. Overseeing the integrity of judging practices at WCOPA.

Scott Murphy- Vice President

Charged with International Directors recruitment vetting, Worldstars USA day-to-day operations, security, and risk management.

Nancy Bianconi- Vice President

Charged with National Directors’ compliance, new business development through sponsors, expanding education programs, adjudicator recruitment, website marketing combined with social media marketing.

Judy Garland- Vice President IWA

Charged with overseeing membership and promotions of the International Worldstars Association.

Dreama Fritts- Hotel Administrator/Support

Charged with supporting all hotel contracts, facilitating National Directors’ hotel accommodations registration, and supporting the day-to-day operations of WSI.

Danielle Janco- Director of the Final Show

Charged with assisting with producing and directing the grand finale of the World Championships of Performing Arts

Volunteers– Each year volunteers from around the World assist with events associated during the World Championships of Performing Arts.  Without these volunteers, WCOPA would not be possible. 

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