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The tricks to great stage makeup

It is so easy for us to get caught up in what looks good in our daily routines but stage makeup requires us to think outside of the box! Stage lights can be hot, bright and unforgiving, but with the right makeup you can overcome these obstacles and shine like a pro for your performance. Here are some simple and effective tips to stage makeup from our experts at Red Lip Ink

  • Do use foundation and concealer
  • Always set with powder
  • Waterproof your look
  • Blush and bronze
  • False eyelashes are a must
  • Opt for a brighter lip
  • Don’t treat it like everyday makeup

Using foundation and concealer

Foundation and concealer are used to even out the skin tone, hide blemishes and reduce harsh shadows from stage lights. While there are different levels to performance and different foundations required, applying foundation is always necessary for looking flawless on stage.

Make sure you choose a color that blends seamlessly into your neck. Any differences in color will show even more under stage lights.


Always set with powder

Setting your foundation with powder is so important for several reasons. Not only does setting your makeup with powder help fill in pores and hide blemishes  it also helps to hold all of your makeup in place during your performance. Whether you are singing, dancing or standing on a stage it’s important that your makeup stays in place. Stage lights can be hot and setting your face with powder helps prevent you from looking like a melted candle on stage. So don’t forget to set your makeup in with powder.


Waterproof your eyes

Now that you have done your foundation and set it in place with powder, let’s not ruin your hard work by forgetting to waterproof your eyes. Stage lights ( I know I have said this before) are hot and bright meaning

  1. There is a high chance you are going to sweat and smudge your eyeliner and mascara all over your face.
  2. The bright lights will show your makeup running down your face which is not flattering for anyone. Unless that is the look you are going for ( horror theme) ?

It’s ok though not to panic! The easy fix for this is to make sure you choose waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. It sounds like simple enough advice but it’s easier to forget about this than you think. This is your reminder.


Blush and Bronze

Between the bright lights of the stage and the distance between you and the audience, believe me when I say you NEED to put a little extra color onto your face. Have some fun and bronze and blush your face to perfection. Bronzer and blush will both add color and dimension to your face. This is so important to give depth to your face and prevent you from looking sickly or like a ghost. Bronzer is used to give a sun kissed look to the skin and also adds dimension and depth to your face so the audience can better see you from a distance. Blush is typically applied to the apples of the cheeks and adds a rosy glow to your skin that really freshens and brightens up your look. You cannot omit this step if you want to look your best on stage.


False eyelashes are a must!

As a performer you need to accept that false eyelashes are just a natural part of performing on stage. Wearing false eyelashes will elevate  your performance to the next level. False eyelashes open up the eyes making you more visible from a distance. When the audience can see your eyes that means they can also more easily read your facial expressions which is essential for a performer who is trying to reach their audience. Even if you have naturally thick and long lashes, you still need to apply lashes to compensate for lights and distance.


Brighten up your lip

Wearing a pop of color on your lips is such an easy and effective way to stand out and get noticed on stage. Your everyday perfect nude may be beautiful for daily wear but under the lights will disappear and can make your skin appear washed out. When you don’t wear enough color on your lips it makes it hard to see from a distance and when your audience can’t read your facial expressions your performance can get lost. Remember to look for long lasting, smudge proof lipstick that won’t smear during your performance.


Don’t treat it like everyday makeup

This is probably the best advice I can give you. When you are getting ready for the performance of your lifetime your beauty routine needs to match the energy you want to portray. This means go for it! Give it your all! The night of your performance is the time to wear the primer, foundations, powders, lashes, color, lips glamour! Don’t be afraid to step into your best and boldest self. Pick the brighter lip, add the extra blush and most of all have fun! You are a star!

Hair and Makeup on model by Kristina from Red Lip Ink http://www.dripbook.com/Kristinamakeup/
Photo by Shelli Wright https://www.shelliwrightphotoworks.com/
Model Maya Pauline from https://www.exmodeltalent.com

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