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Interview with Richard Delancy – Hollywood Talent Manager

Interview with Richard Delancy – Hollywood Talent Manager

What are the benefits to having a talent manager?

When you have your own manager they are involved in every facet of your career. You will have a professional that looks out for YOUR best interests. They give you personal attention and guidance with everything from developing your ‘look’ to developing your talent. YOU will benefit from their knowledge of the business.  However, if you are an Artist that feels you already have all the answers you shouldn’t  pursue a Manager… you will just butt heads. Remember it is their time, money and connections that are at stake.  This is a job/career not a hobby. 

How to find the right talent manager for you?

What you need to find is a manager that sees your potential and is willing to invest their time and money in your career. That being said, the Artist still has the responsibility to pay for their training (that is ongoing), pictures and reels. 

What Hollywood scams should you watch out for?

Advanced Fee. Never pay for an agent or a manager up front. Managers are commission only. That rate is what you negotiate with them but commonly between  fifteen (15) to Twenty (20) percent of gross income.

What do I need to do to get a commercial?

Get trained on camera.  Be comfortable with who you are. Be yourself. Commercially imperfection is perfection .

What are the steps to getting hired on a cruise ship?

Have a current Passport.  Be a triple threat, able to Sing, Dance and Act – Broadway style. They look for strong trained performers with proven solid work ethic and a resume to back it up.

How do I find work if I don’t live in the US?

With the internet,  global talent can find acting work. As long as you have a solid background in acting and on camera classes. The Bigger Networks are able to bring you to the table if your work warrants it. I personally have international clients in South Africa, Guatemala and Trinidad. And they get auditions regularly.

Tips on getting the job

Remember what they say, ” It is better to be ready than to have to get ready” really does apply.  Treat it as a career/ job. NOT a hobby.  On camera training is the best due to so many auditions being virtual these days. 

What should my resume look like? 

Show your current work if any. If not, put your talents and training into practice. Also if you can’t do a skill at a high level do not put it on your resume.

What should my photos look like?

Like you, not photo-shopped. Casting directors want to see what you really look like.


Richard Delancy has been a Hollywood Talent Manager for over 40 years. His clients can been seen on Disney, Nickelodeon, Netflix and Network Television.  His clients also have multiple National Commercials and Print campaigns. He represents clients from newborn to Seniors.

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