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Is a Modeling Career for YOU?


Before embarking on a modeling career, here are 12 questions to ask yourself: 

DARIENNE ARNOLD appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire, Mirabella and Harper’s Bazaar magazines and graced runways from Japan to the runways of Paris and TV. Darienne has become a highly sought after scout, placing talent across the globe and mentoring the next generation of models. 

Is a Modeling Career for YOU?  

Are you disciplined and organized? 

Are you always on time? 

Do you have good work ethnic? 

Do you mind working 12-hour days? 

Can you take direction well? 

Can you work with a demanding boss? 

Can you work as part of a team? 

Can you handle criticism and rejection? 

Do you have another way to make a living since  modeling jobs can be months apart?  

Will you take the time to study posing, walking and other necessary tools of the trade? 

Will you take care of yourself (face/body) as a top priority? A model’s regime is proper diet, good skincare, proper sleep, taking vitamins, limit alcohol and preferably stay out of the sun! 

If you didn’t answer “YES” to all the above questions, you need to work on how you can say yes to all of the questions…the only way to have a successful modeling career. 

When selecting a career, you need to do your homework.  Educate yourself on qualifications to be a model.  Look at well-known modeling agencies from all over the world to see who they are hiring and what the models look like.  

Here are some top modeling agencies to check out:
Your hometown is a great place to start.  Check out modeling agencies and locals that have in the past worked in modeling. Use your hometown to gain experience and confidence.  Make your mistake there and learn from them.  To be a model, you don’t need experience.  Many models have been signed without modeling resumes.   

What Type of Model Are YOU? 

There are many types of models and you need to decide which modeling category is for your height, weight  and body style.  The best way to make this decision is to look at the different modeling agencies. What do the models look like in the modeling categories listed below and do they look like you?  Check out magazines, TV commercials, department stores, etc. 

Runway Models:  

Are you 5’10” or taller, very slender with small breasts?  Runway models need to be tall because buyers are looking up at the runway and clothes look better from that angle on a long-framed body (tall person). Male runway models need to be over 6′ tall. 

Print Models:  

Female models are at least 5’7”, slender with a pretty face.  Male print models 6″ and medium build. 

Plus Size Models:  

Is your body curvy and well rounded , and are you under 5’7″?  There is an increasing demand for plus size models. 

Swimwear/Lingerie Models:  

Females need to be 5’7” to 6′, slender with medium to large breasts and small hips.  Male models need to be 6′ tall with broad shoulders and slim waists. 

Mature Models:  

Did you miss your chance to be a model when you were younger?  Mature models are between 40 and 80 years of age.  Both male and female mature models need to be slender and good looking. 

Promotional Models:  

Physically attractive female or male models to sell a product or service at a convention, trade show or shopping mall. 

Everyday (Commercial) Models:  

The requirements in everyday commercial modeling are not particularly stringent. The look is based solely on what the client envisages for the advertisement. 

Body Parts Models:

 There are few agencies that specialize in body parts.  Today’s agencies handle standard modeling categories and body part modeling.  For example, if you get signed with a modeling agency be sure to point out your hands or great hair etc.  Usually, the agency will notice any special attributes you have during the interview. 



Darienne Arnold appeared in “Vogue, “Marie Claire,” “Mirabella” and “Harper’s Bazaar” magazines and graced runways from Japan to Paris.  She has played a prominent role in the development and placement of female and male models with famed LA Models, Wilhelmina and NTA Talent Agency.

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