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Three Tips for Your Next Audition

How do I prepare for an audition?

Try to be rested and relaxed. Do your vocal and physical warm-ups in advance. This is where technique is really important.

Have a routine that helps you to focus, as confidence and focus are vital to auditioning well.Review the material as much as you can. Make strong choices and trust yourself. Show up on time. Be kind to everyone. Remember that people want to work with people who are personable and easy to get along with.

How do I know which monologue to use?  

Read! You have to read through different selections of material until you find something that feels like you; material that you can relate to and makes you feel something emotional as you read. Read as many plays and screenplays as you can.  
Select monologues that are age-appropriate and allow you to express the uniqueness of who you are. Your choices should speak to your strengths as a performer.  

How to deal with rejection? 

Focus on the long game. Even if you do not book the job, the audition is still a success if you make a strong impression. There are many reasons why you might not book a job that has nothing to do with you, and if you focus on the negative it is difficult to avoid bringing that energy into subsequent auditions.  Keep moving forward – do the best job that you can in the audition and then move on to the next one. 



Roger Del Pozo is the Director of Outreach at the New York Film Academy 
Mr. Del Pozo has been at NYFA for over 11 years and has taught guest lectures on five continents. He has the pleasure of auditioning actors from all over the world for New York Film Academy’s Prestigious Acting and Musical Theatre Programs.  
In addition to his work at NYFA, he was a Casting Director in New York for over a decade. In that time, he cast hundreds of television commercials, as well as films, plays, voice overs, video games, music videos and industrials for many of the top Casting Companies and Advertising Agencies in New York City. Some projects Mr. Del Pozo has cast include national campaigns for Apple, Microsoft, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sony, General Electric, AT & T, Fisher Price, Nickelodeon, Cheerios, Verizon, Ikea, Nintendo, Toyota, Mercedes and Heineken, just to name a few. He is also a private acting coach and corporate trainer, with many clients who work on stage and screen, and he teaches “Audition Technique,” Monologues” and “The Business of Acting” in NYFA’s acclaimed summer program.

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