You had me at Mascara

I am sure you have heard time and time again, “ The eyes are windows to the soul”

If this is true, then your lashes are the blinds/curtains so it is important to dress them accordingly. Since mascara is the most commonly worn piece of makeup between makeup pros and non makeup wearers alike, I thought it was important we get down to business with mascara! Here is a basic breakdown of the different types of mascara and what they will do for your lashes. I also included some of our favorites so that your walk down the makeup aisle doesn’t have to be a complicated one.


Everyone needs a good waterproof mascara for all that life has to throw at us. From pool parties to your best friend’s wedding and every fancy event in between. Waterproof is an absolute must for performers, weddings and walking the red carpet. Avoid looking like a smudged streaky mess and tuck that waterproof mascara into your bag before you leave the house.

At the top of our list is eyeko beach waterproof mascara. Not only does it have lasting power but it also has spf to protect your lashes and ingredients like coconut oil to nourish them. We also love the tube packaging! $24


I love a good volumizing mascara for some added depth and drama. Volumizing mascara adds more thickness to your lash giving the illusion of false eyelashes without the glue! 

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous mascara made our top pick for a few reasons. It is super affordable and has ingredients like panthenol and ceramide-R to build and thicken lashes for healthy and supple lashes. Bonus, it comes in carbon black (blacker than black) for stand out lashes! $9-12


If long, silky lashes are what you are looking for then look no further than lengthening mascara. It makes your lashes look elongated and stretched out. A lengthening mascara will evenly coat your lashes and dramatically improve the length without adding clumps. 

Why we love Benefit they’re real mascara. This mascara is a lengthening mascara that also curls, volumizes and separates lashes for that flawless lash  finish every time. I was astonished the first time I used this mascara. It really does everything! It also comes in a mini travel size too which is super convenient and really cute too.  $14 (mini) – $27 (full size)


Curling mascara can be your best friend if you have eyelashes that are straight or point downward. What curling mascara does is pull your eyelashes upward making your lashes appear longer and your eyes more open and awake. Combine this mascara with an eyelash curler for maximum results.

The MAC extended play perm me up lash made it into our favorites because it has an extended curl time of 16 hours of curl volume and lengthening combined. It is also smudge proof, humidity resistant, clump free and safe for contact lense wearers. $26


If you have sensitive eyes that are easily irritated or wear contact lenses then please know there are mascaras out there for you. Hypoallergenic and sensitive are two different things that can oftentimes be confused. Let me do my best to help clarify. Hypoallergenic in a mascara means it is usually free of any irritants that may cause redness or itchiness. They usually tend to flake less making it ideal for contact lens wearers. Mascara for sensitive eyes can have similar qualities but not necessarily be labeled “hypoallergenic” 

Mascara for sensitive eyes is usually fragrance free, flake free and easy to wash off. Also ideal for contact lense wearers and people with sensitive eyes.

Which brings me to my next favorite, Essence lash princess false lash effect mascara. Let me start off with the fact that although this mascara is not labeled “hypoallergenic” it popped up in so many good reviews it had me curious! With much research I discovered that this mascara is truly amazing. It is cruelty free, ophthalmologist tested, free of alcohol, oil, parabens and fragrance. Just when you thought I wasn’t finished, it comes in at a whopping price tag of $4.99

Thank you for taking this mascara flight with me. I hope you enjoyed your trip. Cheers to finding the right mascara and remember the only drama you need in your life is in your lashes. Xoxo 💋 

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