International Modeling Competition

World Championships of Performing Arts – Modeling Competition: Runway, Petite, Plus and Commercial may compete solo only.

Stage Size: The stage is shaped like a “T”.  The runway from back of stage will be approximately 28 feet long.  This will be made of interlocking wooden sections or facsimile placed on the floor or may be raised.  You will enter at the top of the runway section of the T then work the runway section.  Final Show will be on Theatre Stage.

Categories: Females 16 and up may compete in three divisions: Petite (height under 5 foot 6 inches), Plus (hip size 36 and up) and Runway (approximate height 5 feet 8 inches). Males may compete in two divisions: Commercial (Height Under 6 feet), Runway (Height 6 feet and over). Children (15 years and under) only age will be used to divide divisions. All models, except children, will be divided by age, height, and size. Age divisions will be divided 12 years and under, 13 to 17, 18 to 24, 25 and 29, 30 and over. Children can be divided by age ONLY. Senior-Every Day Model Segment is selected from Petite, Plus and Commercial Male models for Finale.

Music: Appropriate music will be provided for the style of modeling.  Swimwear and Casual Runway will be upbeat while Formal will be slower music. 

Modeling Pattern: Contestants will enter from stage right or left, go to the top of the runway, continue down the runway and then to stage left to pose then to stage right to pose. This is only a suggestion. You may work the runway in your own style. Please do NOT use props of any kind. During the spokes model event, the contestant will go to the end of the stage and do a maximum of a 60 second commercial, announcement, or monologue. The contestant must carry any props on and off stage with NO assistance. Do not bring props on from the audience. All modeling contestants moving to the final showcase competition will be expected to walk runway style and will be selected from swimsuit and casual.

Photo model: When you line up for photo model you must have at least one but not more than three photos (black and white or color; no frames or mats accepted). All photographs must have a typed label with your first and last name, age group, and photo release signature from the photographer (see Photographer’s release in handbook). During photo modeling, you will be asked to stand on the runway… no modeling! Staff has the right to disqualify provocative photos lacking in good taste. DO NOT SEND PHOTOS WITH REGISTRATION   

Spokesmodel:  Commercial or speech of your choice.  Dress should be appropriate for presentation.  One minute time limit for family friendly presentation. 

Runway Casual: Clothes should be “DRESSY” sportswear casual (jacket and pants).   No costumes! 

Swimwear: One or two-piece swimwear may be worn. No thongs are to be worn. Swimsuit should cover buttocks. Covers are not recommended for seniors. However, covers are recommended for juniors. Juniors should present a beachwear image. Select swimwear carefully because it will be considered for the finale. You will not be redressed for the finale. 

Formal: Females: Formalwear should be modest. Remember less is not better! Men: Tuxedos or black suit. Select your formalwear carefully because it will be considered in selecting models for the finale. You will not be redressed for the finale.

“Runway Segment” Model finalists (female and male) will be determined from points in Formalwear (junior and senior), swimwear (seniors) and runway casual (juniors).  Models must enter BOTH styles to qualify for Finals. During finals, models may be re-dressed to suit production. Models not acting professionally and following directives during rehearsals or fittings will be disqualified from finals. All models should bring formal and swimwear just in case they are selected for semi-finals.  Any model may be selected by producers for semi-finals regardless of entries. 

“Everyday Model Segment”- will model Dressy Casual in Photo Shoot for Finale.  During the Finale they will wear the outfit of their choice on stage during introduction.  Petite (Female under 5’6” and over age 15), Plus Female (over 36” hips and over age 15) and Commercial Male (under 6 feet tall) should bring a few additional outfits of dressy casual clothes.  

Performance Prompting

Parents, family, friends, agents, stylist, dressers, teachers, or make-up artist are not allowed behind the stage before or during competitions.