World Championships of Performing Arts Singing Competition: Singers may compete as Soloist or Groups


Special emphasis will be placed on the entertainment and marketing value during judging. This in no way takes away from the technical aspect of the performances. Judges are looking for that special charisma and stage presence that top entertainers have… and who is marketable? Keep in mind as important as it is to have your performance technically correct, it is even more important to keep it entertaining. Contestant may only enter a style in a category once. “Open” Categories may be used for second performance of the same style. However, we do not recommend performing the same performance more than once.  

Judging Criteria: appropriate song and lyrics for age and talent, correct vocal range, pitch and tone quality, diction, enunciation and elocution, voice projection, strong self-image, body movements, stage presence, handling of microphone, breath control and overall entertainment value will all be judged.  Original music is always encouraged for all styles when possible. 

Lavaliere, headsets, corded and cordless handheld microphones will be available. Please keep in mind not all types of microphones may be available. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs. However, keep in mind a professional performer can make needed adjustments. Vocal Self-Accompaniment (piano, guitar, etc.) includes all 14 vocal styles. Only in Vocal Self-Accompaniment may an instrument be used. In vocal, all music must be pre-recorded on a USB. A pianist (or other) accompanying a vocalist does NOT qualify as “vocal self-accompaniment”.

*The pianist (or other) accompanying a vocalist must be on an USB. No exceptions for vocal performances. In Vocal SELF ACCOMPANIMENT music must be performed by vocalist.

Music – – All music must be on USBs and the original sound tracks are required to ensure the quality of the competitions and final show.  Each performance must be on a separate USB.  Each USB must have a label with contestants (or group’s) name, event, style, and age division.  Example: John Doe, Dance, Jazz and 16-17 years.  Please bring at least two (2) backup USB’s for each performance.  Completed music clearance forms are required.  Original music is always encouraged for all styles, categories and competitions in which music is used.  All background music should be in MP3 format ONLY. You must PURCHASE your music from quality outlets.  Pirated online music has poor sound quality with fluctuations in volumes when played on professional sound systems.  Every time music is cut and re-recorded it loses quality.  Record all USBs from the master/original and not from copies.  If given the option for input/output volumes when recording, record volumes in the middle of the range given. If when performing music, you must hear the first note to start your performance, let the room coordinator know this when you are in line-up so the volume on the sound system can be raised.  Please keep in mind Round I and Round II competition are in audition format.  There is only one minute and no sound checks.  The judges understand the difference between a performance error and sound issues.  No music will be used for the final show performance that is not a quality recording.

A separate vocal category is included: VOCAL SELF-ACCOMPANIMENT (piano, guitar, etc.) and includes all 14 styles. Contestants must provide amps for electrical instruments. 

Time Limits

The time limit for all performances is sixty (60) seconds. All rounds and the finals are sixty (60) seconds. A 25% deduction will be taken for any performance going over the time limit.  Time will begin when the music starts and will stop when the music stops.  Remember, you may go under the time limit but not over! 

Performance Prompting

Parents, family, friends, agents, hairdressers, dressers, teachers or make-up artist are not allowed behind the stage before or during competitions.