INTERNATIONAL Variety Artist Competition

World Championships of Performing Arts – Variety Artist Competition: Contortionist, Cirque/Circus, Ground Acts and all other performances maybe enter solo or in groups. 


Special emphasis will be placed on the entertainment and marketing value during judging. This in no way takes away from the technical aspect of the performances. Judges are looking for that special charisma and stage presence that top entertainers have… and who is marketable? Keep in mind as important as it is to have your performance technically correct, it is even more important to keep it entertaining. Contestant may only enter a style in a category once. “Open” Categories may be used for second performance of the same style. However, we do not recommend performing the same act more than once.

Aerial Acts Silk/Rope- Aerial acts are only accepted when contestant provides a self-standing apparatus.

Ground Acts: Any act such as hand balancing: role bola, diablo, acrobatic, canes, stilts, globe walkers, batons, baton twirling, magic, unicycling, foot archers, poi acts, and manipulation acts: juggling, ladder, Chinese pole with self-standing pole. Ground Acts are open to Solo and Groups. 

Contortion: All contortion acts are welcome.  Elite acts must be able to do chin stands and hold handstands for this category.  Contortion is open to solo and groups. 

Fire Acts:  No Fire Acts are accepted.

Time Limits

The time limit for all performances is sixty (60) seconds. All rounds and the finals are sixty (60) seconds. A 25% deduction will be taken for any performance going over the time limit.  Time will begin when the music starts and will stop when the music stops.  Remember, you may go under the time limit but not over! Variety Acts will be given time to set props, safety checks and to get into position before performance times begin. 

Performance Prompting

Parents, family, friends, agents, stylist, dressers, teachers, or make-up artist are not allowed behind the stage before or during competitions.