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Three directors were awarded the 2024 Mentor Award.
Throughout the years, Lizette Hunt (former -Australia Director), Dina Janse Van Rensburg (New Zealand Director) and Ellen Roux (South Africa Director) were recognized during the 2023 Directors’ Reception. Each of these directors have shared their experiences with new licensed directors resulting in better educated licensees and a quicker transition for new National Directors.

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Ellen Roux ( Mentor Award Recipient), Griff O’Neil, and Galina Poltorak

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Lizette Hunt (Mentor Award Recipient), Alison Goodwin (New Director), Dina Janse Van Rensburg (Mentor Award Recipient)

Gerry Mercado:  He has achieved the highest level awarded to any National Director.  With the help of his wife Annie, Team Philippines is an extraordinary well-structured organization with the ability to raise funds, work through Visa processes and recruit talent. BRAVO to Gerry and Annie Mercado logistical superstars

Dr. Ellen Roux:  The Team South Africa organization conducts an extraordinary National competition each year as a preliminary to the World Championships of Performing Arts. Ellen Roux has been with WCOPA for 25 years making her the director with the most seniority and a great mentor for new national directors…Ellen shows by example!

Pathnitharn Sreeiams:  A vocal studio owner and instructor mentors his students to become fierce competitors at the World Championships of Performing Arts.  Team Thailand, under the direction of Pathnitharn, is one of the fastest growing organizations in our global network.