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November 20th - 28th, 2021 - Las Vegas


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WCOPA NATIONAL DIRECTORS - Ms.Joann Galea Dimech Mr. Jason Galea

Team Republic of Malta WCOPA. Enter to win the World Championships of Performing Arts. Acting, Singing, Modelling, Variety Arts, Musician and Performing Arts Contest in Hollywood, USA.      

 JOANN GALEA DIMECHMs. Joann Galea Dimech

National Director/ International Jury recognized, Choreographer, Owner of her own International Talent & Model School Malta, “Wild Strength Dancers/Teen & Kids Models Malta”. Founder Little Miss & Little Mister Malta. Show Case & Ceremony Awards Organizer, She have over 25years of Experience in Talent/Fashion & Entertainment. Awarded Best National Director 6 Times.

Born in the 17th March 1976, her Talents run in family History. She formed The” Wild Strength Dancers” in 1994 but her interest in dancing was there in her early the age of 18, she decided to share her talents with others through the formation of  “WSD Dance School”. She worked really hard to achieve what she have but with god`s help, her dream finally came true. She started to receive invitations for various activities and functions. also she become one of the most famous and professional dancers in Malta to entertain in Hotels, Weddings, Local Tv ecc,as a solo and with her Main Group of dancers.

 In 1995, She took to designing and sewing the groups costumes herself which she till do till this very day. Then in the year 2000, she began to follow the World of Fashion so that two years after she was able to start creating choreographies for her Models who will taking part in the various Fashion Shows of “Teen & Kids Models Malta” and also herself was invited to Model for Some popular Brands in Malta. In 2003 she was a local tv serial Actor. She also have Qualification Diploma in Women’s Leadership.

This has become her full time job for many years and she still teaching dance & Modelling, but nevertheless she don`t consider it as a simple job but as her career, she also do the best to offer her students every Possible opportunity to appear on Tv, Media, Participate in Shows and Competition, They `ve managed to be successful and win various competitions and even got the chance to give out a Dance Show and a Model overseas, and also they had the opportunity to represent Malta in the most high standard Festivals of Beauty, Fashion, Awards, Talent around the World. she holds many licences and is committee member of International Director of  Adults Pageants & Children Festivals of Culture Arts.

Her strong character moves her to face reality and to never give up, so that she`ll do anything in her power to carry out whatever she sets her mind to do. She believes a lot in discipline.

 Her job takes up most of her time, but she love it! And she love to work with any kind of Talent and all that involves the Entertainment. She admire the Maltese talent and  She`s a great believer in the beauty of every Talent and now as the National Director of WCOP Ready to give the Best experience ever to all the Maltese Talented Artist in the most Prestige’s Competition in Hollywood! “her motto is “When there is a will there is a Way !”

Joann Says !!  MALTA is a SMALL Island with BIG TALENTS!

Her challenge is to GO FOR GOLD with the WORLDSTARS Team MALTA in The Biggest Challenge of  “THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF PERFORMING ARTS” Singers, Dancers, Gymnast , Musicians, Models and any other Talented artist with the high level Standard are Welcome to register with us!! Lets do This! 

Contact WCOPA Malta National Director,  mob: 99825121


National Director/ International Jury recognized, Owner of "Jason`s Entertainment Agency," Festivals Co-ordinator & Organizer ,Founder Little Miss & Little Mister Malta. he have over 20 years of Experience in Talent/Fashion & Entertainment. Awarded Best National Director 6 Times. 

Born in the 7th December 1978, In Malta.

From the age of 12,  he had already trained and taken part in different sports and martial arts, runner, gymnastics and dancing. Later on he won a junior record with the shoot at the age of 14 years.

He took part in different long distance races and also 100mts, 400mts athletics runner where he won different medals and also high Jump.

Jason always have the passion in body building, He competes in several competitions and pose downs.  In 1996 and 2002 he won two prestige awards, later on worked as a  personal trainer .

Dancing and music is the most exciting talent in his heart.  He dances in different choreography and different styles in festivals and activities .

Jason was invited in different festivals and fashion shows from around the world as a National Director  and International Jury in adults Pageants & Children Festivals of Culture Arts. 

From a very young age he was interested in Entertainment,  Jason believe that Kids & Teens need to express themselves physically. The Greatest benefit of Sports is to staying  healthy and keeping fit. Modelling, Dancing, Gymnastics, Arco, Singing and all other Talent also insist a sense of discipline, which helps build strong Character, often admired later on in life. He do the best to offer my Participants every possible opportunity to appear on shows and Tv, International Festivals and Competitions and this can make students feel more confidence with potential in a fun, friendly and professional Entertainment and a beautiful experience. 

Jason Says, "I never look back and never Give up! Now I`m a successful leader and owner of a prestigious Licence Responsible for Festival of Performing Arts. Hard Work Pays Off ! 

Maltese Talented Artist from any different School of Arts contact me I will Guide you to successes your achievement entry in the WCOPA you will become a HOLLYWOOD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Contact WCOPA Malta National Director. mob:  998210101                      

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