Breaking News: World Championships of Performing Arts will recognize those who contribute to the success of our International WORLDSTARS.

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WCOPA Outstanding Coach- Contestants must nominate their coach by sending an email here

Please include how long the person has been coaching, number of students, and the impact this coach has on their students. More specifically the impact the coach has had on the person submitting the entry. This may be an instrumental, vocal, model, acting or dance coach. You may provide up to three photos with your entry. Submit prior to June 15, 2016.

WCOPA Exceptional Designer - those who have had formal wear specifically designed by a designer to wear in the WCOPA Preliminary Formalwear Competition will have the opportunity to showcase the designer’s work.

Photos will be taken of each gown and submitted for consideration. Models may submit from the designer a list of materials used in the design of the gown and the motivations behind the gown. If available you may submit up to three photos with entry. This information may be submitted by email Submit prior to June 15, 2016. Model will have the opportunity to submit the gown and be photographed in the gown at WCOPA.

World Breakout Choreographer- The *World Choreography Awards is recognizing a World BreakOut Choreographer at the WCA award in Hollywood/LA this year.

Allen Walls has invited the WCOPA Choreographers to submit their work. In addition to receiving a WCOPA-Breakout Choreographer award the recipient will be recognized during the World Choreography Awards held in Hollywood/LA. The who’s who of Choreographers are recognized at this event yearly. Please have choreographers submit their videos prior to June 15, 2016 at the link below.

*"WORLD CHOREOGRAPHY AWARDS" is a prestigious global dance awards show, featuring the Best Media Choreography in the categories of Feature Film, Television Episodic, Television Live Performance, Commercials, Music Video, Concert Performance (Tours), Concert Dance Performance and Digital Format.

As well as the New Generation "BreakOut Artist and The International New Generation 'BreakOut Choreographer". The WCA is an annual award show celebrating creativity and Innovation by recognizing excellence in the art of media and stage choreography, by saluting the up-and-coming, celebrating the now and honoring the past. This show is the "Oscars" of the Dance World.

World Choreography Awards

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