Team France

Team France WCOPA. Enter to win the World Championships of Performing Arts. Acting, Singing, Modelling, Variety Arts, Musician and Performing Arts Contest in Hollywood, USA.



Mathieu Vasquez

Mathieu Vasquez, ALIAS Mateo, is a 33-year-old actor and stunt performer with over 15 years of experience. In 2010, he founded an acrobatics school and trained hundreds of students in France and Belgium for six years.

From 2016 onwards, he successfully launched a second business in the events industry, offering “free jump experiences” across multiple countries, including France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Mexico. In 2022, a third business organizing annual track days for automotive enthusiasts was established.

Mateo is recognized as a leader who motivates and guides teams towards shared objectives. He has built a career as an actor and stunt performer, collaborating with other artistic directors to expand his professional network.

Devotion to the artistic world culminated in achieving medals in acting and variety at WCOPA in 2022.



Jeremy Vatain

 Jay, is a 39-year-old individual who has been passionate about dance since the age of 15. This journey of continuous learning, travel, and competition in various championships worldwide has been his lifelong pursuit.

In 2009, Jeremy established “One Step Academy,” a choreographic center located in the south of France, Arles, which has seen consistent growth year after year.

For fifteen years, Jeremy has been organizing dance spectacles in the magnificent ancient theater of Arles, drawing in over 1500 attendees over two evenings.

Within “One Step Academy,” there exists both a recreational division and a competition group. The latter has proudly participated in numerous prestigious championships, achieving remarkable accolades:

  • Gold medal at the International Dance Festival in Cannes (2015)
  • Gold medal at the International Dance Festival in Monaco (2019)
  • Gold medal at the European Championship in Paris (2023)
  • Gold medal at the WCOPA in Anaheim (2022)…